Holly Cinnamon teaches Alexander Technique through the AT Motion Center for Actors in New York City, as well as private lessons at the Balance Arts Center. She also occasionally voyages to Edmonton, Alberta, where she offers lessons through Reset Wellness.

Holly began studying Alexander Technique because of her interest in movement, after being a yoga teacher for a number of years. She completed her Alexander Technique Teacher Training Certification at the Boston Conservatory at Berklee. 

Through Alexander Technique, Holly has come to completely change her outlook on life, her level of happiness, many unhelpful habits she was practicing unconsciously and unnecessarily, and her success in her career as an artist. She enjoys sharing her discoveries with performers and people of all career paths and walks of life!

In addition to teaching, Holly is a professional actor. Recent acting credits include playing Julie in Season 3 of Marvel's Daredevil currently streaming on Netflix and appearing Off-Broadway in Dear Jane at the Clurman Theatre. She was featured in the film The Girl Who Cannot Speak, which was honored as a "Coup de Coeur" selection at the 2018 Cannes Festival. View her actor website at:

Holly's journey of self-discovery through Alexander Technique has completely changed her work as an actor. She has applied the tools and principles of AT directly to her auditions to great success. This has allowed her to discover a whole new ownership, sense of self and pleasure in the audition process, which she loves to share with actors in her group classes!

Holly would like to recognize and thank the long lineage of AT teachers, whose insights built upon F.M. Alexander's initial work and who have generously shared their wisdom with her. Her most notable influences are: Debi Adams, Tommy Thompson, Betsy Polatin, Galit Zeif, Belinda Mello, Jamee Culbertson, Bob Lada, Eliza Mallouk, Rachelle Palnick Tsachor, Sarah Barker, Susan Sinclair, Peter Grunwald, Elizabeth Langford and Aline Newton.