"I never knew how crucial studying with Holly Cinnamon would be until I began the process. Holly's teaching style is warm, effective and relatable.

Holly helps bring your awareness of the Alexander Technique into your body so much that it guides you into moving with ease. It has been easy to incorporate not only in my craft but on a day-to-day basis. 

Training with her has helped to make the auditioning process less daunting. It has helped me to be more present in the room when working so that I can trust myself with whatever task is asked of me. "    

- Dee Beasnael, Actor

"I took an audition intensive with AT Motion in which Holly taught an Alexander Technique class entitled 'Owning the Space'. I instantly resonated with the way Holly was teaching the class, working with orienting in the space and inhibition. Her way of teaching has made me curious regarding the exploration of space and time as it relates to my work. I have seen a significant change in my awareness and the choices available to me. I’ve since worked with her on scene work and how to further apply the principles of Alexander Technique directly to my acting and in relationship to my scene partner. It has enabled me to slow down and appreciate active discovery." 

- Pat Galante, Actor



“Holly has helped me immensely in my quest to find ease in auditions. She thinks deeply about the mechanics that underpin acting, and she brings clear eyes and a formidable intellect to the work. Never precious about her teaching, Holly adapts to the needs of each individual actor and brings a sense of play and curiosity to the process of transmitting her system. She incorporates principles of the Alexander Technique to remove the mystery surrounding auditions—providing practical tools actors can use to achieve greater levels of presence and freedom under pressure.”

- Mitchel Kawash, Actor


"I've taken a few one-on-one Alexander Technique sessions with Holly at the Balance Arts Center, as well as an acting intensive. Holly's sensitivity, passion, openness and honesty encouraged me to get curious and excited about the work and created a safe and exciting environment to explore, discover and learn in. I highly recommend working with her and digging into this technique. Along with long term changes in my habits and awareness, I saw instant results in my auditions when I used specific exercises from our lessons." 

- Dana Stern, Actor


"Holly has a very intuitive and loving sense as a teacher. I really appreciate the language she uses to explore Alexander Technique. Her phrases inspire a sense of calm, belonging, wonder and curiosity, and promote a welcoming and vibrantly inquisitive atmosphere! I went to Holly's class expecting to learn good posture and some acting tricks... I left with a wholly renewed passion for exploring the human condition." 

-John Anderson, Actor and Opera Singer


"A few days after taking Holly's class, I did the best musical theatre audition I’ve ever done! I oriented to the space in the floor behind my feet and my whole body lined up. It was amazing. This is the first time I have taken Alexander Technique and I walked away with agency and autonomy over how I use the work. It opened my mind up to new possibilities of awareness. I now see my body and my tension as a resource instead of an obstacle. Thank you so much for everything, Holly! You are an amazing teacher." 

- Mariann Kirby, Actor and Singer

“Holly's teaching style was incredibly relatable and accessible for me. Rather than a traditional instructor-student relationship dynamic, the classes that she taught were more explorations than instructions. There was no static structure to what she did. There were no set answers or worn-out maxims. There was only discovery. This made classes a vibrant and engaging space to explore in, and instilled a sense of wonder in everything I did in the class. 

One of the most vital discoveries I made was the notion of active rest, as guided by Holly. To me, "active" and "rest" had always existed in dichotomy. As a result of Holly's instruction, I learned how to hold "active" and "rest" as a dialectic as opposed to an opposition, and engaging in this space resulted in some of the most rooted and aligned performing I have ever experienced. 

To paraphrase Neil Young, I want to live with the wisdom and practice given to me by the Cinnamon girl. Thank you sincerely." 

-Nolan Kehler, Opera Singer

"Holly was great at making all feel welcome and accepting everyone. There was a good balance of hands-on work, listening and discussion in class. She was so open to helping students outside of class time (one-on-one sessions) and brought a great awareness of mental attitudes as well as physical to her classes. Her teaching was very accessible to all and her overall passion for the human body and Alexander Technique was very apparent. She is a wonderful person to have in a creative community." 

- Christina Thanisch-Smith, Opera Singer

Photo by Wayne Walker.

"Alexander Technique sessions with Holly Cinnamon were unlike any experience I've had. Thinking about my body, mind, thought process, and awareness in that way was a fantastic experience and one that has changed me for the better. Holly herself made me feel so comfortable: with explanations of every technique, exercise and question, she was able to help me connect to myself and my work in ways that were intuitive, accessible and incredibly helpful. The brief amount of time spent make me want to work with her more." 

- Brent Raddall, Singer and Performer

aude at piano.png

"As a pianist, I found Holly Cinnamon’s approach completely different from what I had experienced both in and out of Alexander Technique. Her questions made me challenge pre-conceived notions I had about the piano and the boxes we, as pianists, subconsciously put ourselves in. Holly was intuitive in understanding what each pianist needed. For me, she helped me ground myself at the piano. This is something I struggled with for a long time and the way she approached it was unlike anything I had experienced before. It was a “quick” fix and gave me a solid foundation upon which I can build my technique. Holly’s enthusiasm is infectious and I would highly recommend taking lessons with her." 

-Aude Urbancic, Pianist

"This class really did change my life, not only as a performer, but as a human being. I thought the combination of physiological/anatomy classes and body mapping sessions was an incredible way to introduce the power of our own bodies as performers. I feel like I have developed a new relationship with my body and finally met the "real me" without the over-analytical thoughts and need to control from my mental self." 

- Emma Johnson, Singer and Performer

"I found these classes super practical. My previous Alexander Technique experience made me feel like there was a "right" and a "wrong" way to use my body, which ultimately just gave me more technical stuff to worry and obsess about while I was performing. They way Holly allowed me to view my body, space and time as a performer made me feel free and as though I had choices galore." 

- Jayne Hammond, Opera Singer

"I really liked that this class wasn't about how to just stand tall, but really incorporated the art into it and was a holistic approach. I felt like Holly's teaching gave me permission to own my body and the space around it. I am so grateful for everything I learned from her and really believe it has helped me grow as an artist. The work using stillness and owning time is extremely empowering and a huge asset in my toolbox now!" 

- Chelsea Kutyn, Singer

"I loved the journey that you took us on. I will use the idea of orienting my whole life, and in fact, I figured out that I always orient to my own body when I am singing technically, so this is an extension of what I have done in the past, but it takes me way farther to create a better performance. I loved learning more about our skeleton and understanding our structure. It has been amazing to know about my axis and atlas because it has helped me to sing better. You are so encouraging and you have opened my mind. I now feel like I can make any choice I want." 

- Karen Santos, Opera Singer