Alexander Technique offers concrete ways to change your life by offering new perspectives and the tools to make conscious choices in how you live, moment by moment, with awareness.

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Do you ever feel caught in habits you wish you could change, but you don't know how? Do you have physical pain or tension you cannot find a consistent, longterm solution for? Do you mentally beat yourself up or compare yourself to an ideal self? Alexander Technique does not offer a simple cure, fix or exercise. It offers you the tools to gain a new perspective about your repetitive day-to-day experiences, so that you can learn how to make new choices that will change your experiences, one moment at a time. 

Alexander Technique is a mind-body integrative learning practice. Through discussion, table work and activities, Holly will guide you to discover how your thinking patterns and your concept of your self may be creating patterns of use in your body that might be causing pain, discomfort, poor performance or restricted ability to carry out the tasks and achieve the goals that you wish. Unlike practices like yoga or physical therapy, Alexander Technique directly examines how you use yourself in your everyday activities: whether that is sitting in a chair at a desk for hours, auditioning in front of casting directors or riding the subway to work carrying a heavy bag. Holly will offer you strategies you can apply to your everyday life to improve your efficiency, allow you to work with gravity better based on your natural human structure, and support you to achieve your goals with more ease and joy.

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Topics that may be covered include: human anatomy, walking, sitting, standing, relationship to iPhone/computer, relationship to the space around you, finding kinesthetic resources, examining assumptions and ideas of self, the usefulness of tension, pausing, making choices, authentic movement, recognizing habitual patterns, freeing your mind and body of habitual patterns, observing past experiences from the present moment, observing future goals from the present moment, working with gravity well, finding pleasure in movement, changing your perspective through conscious choice, discovering new options of thinking habits, unraveling habitual motor neuron pathways, finding deep respect for your true self as you are now, and shedding your story in favor of your reality. 

Snakes periodically shed their skins in order to free themselves to grow and slough off unneeded restrictions and tension. You can do that too. 


Lessons may be booked individually, or lesson packages are available for a discounted rate. To maximize your learning and integration of the work into your daily life, the instructor recommends a weekly lesson, with a commitment to a minimum of five lessons to start. However, lesson scheduling is flexible and lesson packages do not expire. Please inquire should budget be a concern, as accessibility is our priority. Payments can be made via Venmo or PayPal.

$90 - 1-hour private lesson
$240 - 3 lesson package (three 1-hour private lessons)
$350 - 5 lesson package (five 1-hour private lessons)


Current teaching hours are Tuesday and Thursday from 1-5pm. However, lessons may be scheduled to suit your needs by emailing below!