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The AT tools can offer you concrete ways to own your space, own your time and own your choices as an actor in the audition room. They offer you the freedom to change your perception of the audition room, find resources and scene partners in your surroundings, combat the urge to narrow your attention to the people behind the table or your idea of yourself in the room and instead expand your field of attention to the possibilities available to you at every moment. In this way, you get to start to play with the choices and resources you have available at every moment. It can even become fun!

When you work this way, people take note. Their eyes are drawn to you... something mysterious is happening… they might not be sure what, but they want in. You become the center of your audition experience. Instead of throwing your energy at the wall behind the auditioners' heads or out of the frame of the camera, you are at the center of the moment and their attention is drawn to you. 

Holly has witnessed some powerful and magical transformations and performances by applying this work. She has worked with actors, singers, dancers and musicians to own their time and space in performance. You can find testimonials from past students she has worked with here